The business strategy

The FIPILL is considered a textbook example for the adaptation of work structures and the application of the green economy, inspired by the energy savings and to the maximization of resources policies. In fact, the colossal new roof, that involve the dismantling of the old structure and the replacing asbestos with on-grid PV system, is a national record of adjustment of industrial structures. The renovation work of coverages, combined with other energy-saving strategies, is one of the strengths that make FIPILL products very competitive in the price. In practice, unlike other industries that tend to reduce production costs of acting on other factors, FIPILL acts on elements that can achieve the desired results, also by eliminating negative social externalities.

In fact, many companies that don't have adequate strategic vision, implementing austere policies on staff and raw materials just to reduce production costs. The result of these choices, as will contribute to limit the production costs, is a heavy burden on workers and on product quality.

FIPILL always establishes very close personal relationships with its employees, that create a balance and united group that seem almost like a family. The strong relationship between management and workers are an added value to the production lines of FIPILL, and everything can be considered an additional asset. The company strategy of FIPILL is inspired by the vision of Claudio Ricci and Luciano Cervigni. The first one is responsible for the design, and the second one is in charge of the production cycle and control lines.

The strong personality of these two it is good for the integration and harmonization of the traditional values with the modern rules of the New Economy. This holistic approach allows to achieve innovative and revolutionary production size. The company's activities are broad and range from design, selection of raw materials, product manufacturing, and testing.