MASTER-VAR Variable Pulleys

The MASTER-VAR pulleys, also available with Taper-Lock bush, are constructed using ASTM A105 steel and manufactured with excellent finishes and, like the previous series, also guarantee very low roughness which allows an increase in the coefficient of friction with the trapezoidal belt. Tests carried out have also shown a lower sliding coefficient than that previously found in similar pulleys, as well as improved balance due to their total surface processing. These pulleys also undergo galvanic treatment which is applied at the end of the machining process. Besides the normal applications, these are recommended for use in all cases in which high speed may compromise the stability and integrity, due to centrifugal stress, of conventional cast iron pulleys. They are widely used in the conditioning and refrigeration sector. These pulleys can also be supplied in aluminium FIPILL alloy upon request, thus allowing hard oxidation anodic treatment.