In times of economic recession business strategies are constrained to two choices. The first solution is to be able to produce at low cost, while the second one, however, it is to produce better than the others, both in terms of quality and functionality.

The FIPILL is a little jewel of Italian entrepreneurship that is able to adapt to the turbulent financial and economic events that are affecting Italy, transforming the economic system weaknesses into strengths.

The small company proposes, among the giants of the industrial foundry, but not succumb. Indeed, the growth trend in terms of market expansion, company size, production flexibility, and know-how is constantly growing. As a result of these findings, it seems appropriate to analyze the FIPILL strengths that have enabled it to achieve such results.

All converge in one direction: to help increase customer productivity. This particular attitude causes the FIPILL attain to establish with its customers some real relationships, based on loyalty and honesty, abandoning the classical manufacturer-customer relationships. Now, in a world made of numbers and percentages, this strategic vision and approach to the market is the key to success.

This great passion for authenticity and originality will make the Marche forge to climb the peak of the international markets.